Bertram G. Goodhue

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue – born 28. 4. 1869 in Pomfret, Connecticut, USA, died 23. 4. 1924 in New York, USA – architect, typographer. Trained as an architect.

C. 1890: Goodhue draws initials, borders and decorations for books and magazines very similar to those in Kelmscott Press prints. 1892: designs a "Book of Common Prayer" for D. B. Updike, who founds Merrymount Press in Boston in 1893. 1896: designs his Merrymount typeface and ornaments the Merrymount Press’ edition of the "Altar Book" and various other publications issued by the press. Fashions numerous book designs for the Stone & Kimball publishers in Chicago.

Fonts: Merrymount (1896), Cheltenham Old Style (1902).

Publication: "Book Decorations", New York 1931.

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