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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese famille de polices

Conçue par  DynaComware Design Studio

Jusqu'à 7 Polices de caractères / 1 Coffrets Promotionnels

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DF Yuan is a Traditional Chinese font. It supports the Big-5 standard Traditional Chinese character set.

The name here is the concept; Yuan is the word for round. This typeface is based on rounded forms. Horizontal and vertical lines have rounded corners on both the inside and outside of the forms. It is newly derived from the Hei typeface. Though it shares the rounded forms and elegance of the ancient Hao-Shu writing style in its lighter weights, its bolder weights it communicates a sweet, modern aesthetic. The typeface is well suited for greeting cards, events, announcement headlines, and advertisements to make a positive, yet subtle, statement.

This typeface may be matched with VAG Rounded or Helvetica Rounded.

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 3

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 5

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 7

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 8

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 9

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 12

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DF Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 14

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